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Do you have problems or concerns about Kenpo or the martial arts?

Ask the masters a question about your martial arts problems. We will respond to it via email or telephone depending on your preference. This section is a paid-for subscription (see our store).

It’s straightforward:

Step 1: Select your preference of email or telephone support from our store (this is a monthly fee)

Step 2: Send us your question. For example, speed, technique, control, or whatever it may be. Note that some questions may have a more lengthy answer than others depending on the complexity of the question asked.

Step 3: Once we have your question, we’ll respond directly back to you. Your response will come directly from Dr. Tindall or Master Whelan. We will answer your questions from the perspective of a coach, mentor, or instructor.

Some questions relate more to lifestyle and martial-arts coaching issues than others. We also offer this service (see Knowledge and Wisdom through Kenpo).

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