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Balance & Power

Have you found it difficult to achieve the balance you need to create "Rock Solid" Stances in your Art? Do you lack power?

Your stances are, by far, the base of power in any technique in martial arts. Strong stances, along with good posture ensure adequate balance and power. They allow you to shift your body into a strike, move out for a defense, drive-through your opponent, and a variety of other maneuvers.

Conversely, a weak stance will cause a loss of power and decreased balance. The success or failure of any technique is based upon proper positioning of the feet as well as leg strength.

In a fight, loss of balance can have devastating consequences. When you lose your balance the brain places priority on regaining balance, which will greatly decreases your fighting skills, at least momentarily. So, when you try to "strike through" an opponent, resistance will be great, unless you have caused enough pain or damage to make self-preservation the top priority in your opponent’s brain.

The concepts used by Dr. Tindall and Master Whelan will help you develop your balance and power to its utmost.

Check back frequently for tips on how to improve these aspects of your skill. Also, send us your questions, which we’ll use for the basis of our tips to get down to the personal nitty-gritty.

We’ll be posting videos and written tips to help you along. You may also wish to check out Dr. Tindall’s new book, “Speed-Strength Training for Martial Artists: Mind-Body Link 2nd Edition in our store.

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