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Beginner Training:

Beginner training in Kenpo is not unlike that in any endeavor of study. Students must first learn the ABCs of Kenpo Karate. This provides a solid foundation upon which to build. As in writing we like to begin with letters first, which in Kenpo would be the basics of kicks, strikes, punches, foot maneuver, etc. Once students learn and understand their ABCs, they then learn how to spell a word and then, create sentences, i.e., to put a variety of basics together as self defense against a variety of opponents attacks.

The three belt levels of beginner training are white, yellow, and orange. White belts learn their ABCs, yellow belts learn to spell a word, and orange belts learn to write a sentence in Kenpo Karate techniques and forms (forms are also termed Katas depending upon the martial arts system and style) skills.

Beginner students become more disciplined as they continue in Kenpo Karate training. Their confidence and self-esteem grow, along with the knowledge of how to defend themselves if necessary. At the advanced level a student has learned many skills and with practice is generally so skilled that they are more worried about what they could do to an opponent than the harm an opponent may do to them. This is a high goal and begins at the beginning level because there is not dignity in causing harm simply because you have the skills to do so. The beginning stage sets the foundation for the true purpose of what Kenpo Karate is all about. Beginner training is designed to enhance physical and mental development. The student’s flexibility will increase, along with their strength and endurance at these levels, as well as both confidence and self esteem.

As a white belt the training transcends into yellow belt techniques and concepts in which you learn that distance from an opponent is your best friend. There are 10 yellow-belt techniques and a variety of basics and forms. As the beginner passes from yellow into orange belt skill sets, the distance from the opponent closes as the student learns to develop skills further, along with power, balance, control, and other skills. There are 24 techniques in the orange belt level.

The ABCs learned in the white, yellow, and orange belt levels are converted into techniques, which are listed below.



  1. DELAYED SWORD (front - right and lapel grab)
  2. ALTERNATING MACES (front - two-hand push)
  3. SWORDS OF DESTRUCTION (front - left straight or roundhouse punch)
  4. DEFLECTING HAMMER (front - right front thrust kick)
  5. CAPTURED TWIGS (rear bear-hug, arms pinned)
  6. THE GRASP OF DEATH (left flank - right arm headlock)
  7. CHECKING THE STORM (front - right step-through overhead club)
  8. MACE OF AGGRESSION (front - two-hand lapel grab, pulling in)
  9. ATTACKING MACE (front - right step-through straight punch)
  10. SWORD AND HAMMER (right flank -left hand shoulder grab)


  1. CLUTCHING FEATHERS (front Left Hand Hair Grab)
  2. TRIGGERED SALUTE (front Right Hand Straight Punch)
  3. DANCE OF DEATH (front Right Straight Punch)
  4. THRUSTING SALUTE (front Right Step Through Kick)
  5. GIFT OF DESTRUCTION (right hand to right handshake)
  6. LOCKING HORNS (right armed Front Headlock)
  7. LONE KIMONO* (Front Left Hand Lapel Grab)
  8. GLANCING SALUTE (Front Right Hand Cross Push)
  9. FIVE SWORDS* (Front Right Step Through Roundhouse Punch)
  10. BUCKLING BRANCH (Front Left Step Through Kick)
  11. SCRAPING HOOF (Full Nelson)
  12. GRIP OF DEATH* (Left Flank Right Arm Headlock)
  13. CROSSING TALON (Front Right Hand Cross Wrist Grab)
  14. REPEATING MACE (Front Left Hand Push)
  15. SHIELDING HAMMER (Front Left Step Through Hooking Punch)
  16. STRIKING SERPENT'S HEAD (Front Bear hug, Arms free)
  17. LOCKING WINGS (Hammerlock)
  18. OBSCURE WING (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)
  19. REVERSING MACE (Front Left Step Through Straight Punch)
  20. THRUSTING PRONGS (Front Bear Hug, Arms Pinned)
  21. TWISTING TWIG (Front Wrist Lock)
  22. OBSCURE SWORD (Right Flank Left Hand Shoulder Grab)
  23. RAINING CLAW (Front Right Uppercut Punch)
  24. CRASHING WINGS (Right Bear hug, Arms Free)

The techniques marked with an ‘*’ were considered by Grandmaster Ed Parker as the most important in these levels.

It does not matter whether you're athletic or not, or if you have ever taken a martial arts class before, we’ll help increase your ability. After only a few classes, you will begin to believe in your abilities. You will realize that you can succeed, with practice and patience along with dedication and commitment. Best of all, at this level, online training will allow you to set your own schedule to fit into your hectic agenda.

While there is so much more we could tell you about the beginner training, the rest is best reserved for actual training. So, what are you waiting for? Feel the excitement of Kenpo and join today!

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