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Certification and Testing

Our online dojo is geared to help those who have difficulty locating/visiting a qualified instructor an alternative to advance in Kenpo. It is highly recommended that you train with a partner so that you can obtain the skill sets for the various physical components you will be required to perform on a video test.

We offer a wide variety of instructional support from our online dojo that will take you through the basics, forms and self-defense techniques with clarity and detail. Each gives a thorough explanation of every move with its underlying body mechanics so that you clearly understand what is being taught and how to perform it. Our support includes training manuals, videos/cds/mp3’s, written techniques, forms and basics, personalized email, telephone, instructor support and much more.

We offer all the support you will need to advance in the Ed Parker Kenpo System, whether you’re testing for that first belt level of yellow or for 7th degree black belt. We can help you be your best.

Video Testing (through green-belt level only)

We offer rank promotion for those who due to distance or other special circumstances cannot be present for physical tests. The video test is straightforward. How does it work?

  1. Once you’re ready, contact us and arrange to speak with one of our instructors who will give you final testing instructions.
  2. Using a detailed video tape, DVD, CD-R, MPEG file etc., simply perform the moves just like you learned from our instructional lessons on an opponent.
  3. Send us your test for evaluation. You will be notified within one week of successful completion.
  4. Upon successful completion of your test you will be awarded a certificate of rank advancement so that you can continue training to the next level. You will also be added to our family tree.

Note: Due to the nature of our Kenpo instruction and our strict standard/quality requirements for mastery of each belt level(s), video testing is allowed through green-belt level only.

Brown belt levels and all black-belt levels require a formal test at one of our seminars or testing days, through a traveling instructor, or at your location with an assembled testing board (email for details), which we will help arrange.

Additionally, time requirements apply to each belt level as per time in grade, belt-level and other requirements. No time in grade requirements for black belt levels may be changed. Please email for details. 

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