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How to Grow Your Membership

Do you have problems recruiting new club members or keeping the ones you have? Have you the problem most clubs do in that after the next great martial arts film you receive an influx of students, because of their interest in the film, but soon thereafter, your numbers again wane?

We have many years of experience managing clubs at the USKKA and know the problems you face. More importantly, we know how to help you solve these problems.

What are the five biggest problems facing Associations, Sporting Clubs, and similar groups today?

They are:

  1. Recruiting new members to your organization—how do you build a list of prospects? How do you persuade prospects to join your organization? How do you follow through with prospective members?
  2. Retaining your members and building their loyalty—more members leave an organization within the first year of joining, than at any other time. What are you currently doing to retain your members?
  3. Renewing your members—is a perennial and perpetual headache for membership managers and organizations. What do you offer your members to keep them renewing month after month and year after year? How do you win back lost members?
  4. Revenue earning from your Members—how do you get your members to spend more money … more often? How do you maximize revenue from fundraising, events, functions, merchandise, memorabilia, education, professional development and membership upgrades?
  5. How do you continue to build your membership … and your member revenue … when times are getting tougher and your budget has just been slashed? How can you give them more for less in economic hard times?

And when times do get tougher … what makes your organization relevant to your members and prospective members. Where does your organization excel in areas of member innovation, member value and member benefits? Why should they spend their money with your organization when they must carefully determine where limited funds should go?

We have the solutions for you - How to Build Your Membership … and gain more Revenue!

We will begin you on a path the will provide you an innovative:

  • Step-by-step guide for membership building and revenue earning.
  • Monthly membership case studies and membership success stories—all 'real life' scenarios, what we did … how we did it … what the results were. We will also let you know, every month, what the latest success story or case study is about.
  • We will also help you with B2B with your organization. You’ll earn more revenue with a smaller number of clients. This includes ideas and goals for sales, customer service, marketing, retail and leadership issues.

Our strategies are proven, easy to use, comprehensive step-by-step programs covering every conceivable aspect of Membership Recruitment, Retention, Renewal/ Reactivation and Revenue—all you will ever need to dramatically increase membership of your association, club or organization.

Look for this service in our store. Order today! Watch your membership soar.

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