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Practical Application

How do you apply Kenpo practically on the street or its principles into your daily life?

MOST people are initially drawn to the martial arts for self-defense reasons. Afterward, they are internally convinced that the instructor, art, curriculum, etc. is what they are looking for they begin studying.

Often you find out that you are being indoctrinated into a "system". Then you are studying esoteric terms, katas, techniques, etc. in order to get your next belt so you can get the "real" techniques. The next belt level does not matter – it’s what do you right now with this belt level, with what you already know that matters!

We want you to walk out of class the first day and be able to practically apply Kenpo. This section is to help serve as your assistant for tips and advice for that very purpose.

Instruction is more important than style. REAL training is hard to find and - often - is really physical. You will be fighting here. Real Kenpo is not about tournaments; it’s about survival on the street, which is what we’re all about. This section on practical application will help you survive when survival is all that matters.

You’ll learn how to practically apply empty hand techniques, an impact weapon (baton), and an edged weapon, as well as firearms and defense against those weapons as practically as possible. Fitness, body control, and self-defense are also basic fundamentals taught in Kenpo and other martial arts. The practical application of the class room instruction is something that one develops through time and in classes as one gets more senior in the study of the art.

For example, an old adage in Kenpo is that every punch could be a block, every block could be a strike and every turn could be a throw or takedown.

Along with our own program, send us your questions and we’ll provide tips in the practical application of Kenpo.

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