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We host seminars on a routine basis around the U.S. and internationally. Please contact us about hosting one in your area. We’ll discuss what is involved and how we can make it happen.

Our seminars have included a wide variety of subjects such as:

  • Basics and how to use them well from yellow through advanced black belt
  • Power, balance, and speed
  • Controlling the opponent – verbally and physically
  • Becoming tough – a state of mind
  • Edged weapons
  • Blunt weapons
  • Firearms control
  • Kenpo shock concept
  • 3rd party protection
  • Home defense and security
  • Knife fighting and defense
  • Kenpo ground fighting
  • Law enforcement training
  • Forms, techniques, advancements and much more.

Each seminar is geared to the host area as per specific request or, we will plan the seminar based on likely attendees. Additionally, we encourage those not in Kenpo to attend as well.

Law Enforcement Seminars

The USKKA also proudly supports law enforcement (LE) professionals and as such we are dedicated to help them combat crime by helping them protect themselves and citizens from violence. We do this through teaching a specially developed police defensive tactics training system based on a variety of scenarios including weapons prevention, retention, and recovery techniques.

For LE, our seminars are geared specifically to:

    Protect the officer from all threats of violence Protect the department from legal liability concerning use of force Protect the suspect from unreasonable or accidental injury

We consider every aspect of the LE professionals job from hindered movement due to gear inside a vehicle or due to clothing, physical size and possible skills of an opponent, natural and surrounding environmental conditions, and athletic abilities. Because of these aspects our LE seminars are geared to a variety of subjects such as:

  1. Basic defensive tactics for LEO’s
  2. Empty hand entry and control tactics
  3. Takedown and restraints
  4. Weapon prevention, retention and recovery
  5. Disarming – weapons and edged weapons
  6. Edged weapon awareness
  7. Close quarter/Point shooting
  8. Ground fighting and grappling situations
  9. Baton/ASP tactics
  10. Small group positional defenses
  11. One-on-one physical control
  12. Alternative firing positions with strong and empty hand
  13. Personal search
  14. Defeating multiple threats from an opponent
  15. Close quarter search and clear
  16. Transitional weapon training and much more

We offer much of this training with our sister companies. Please visit their websites at:

Global Defense Network (
CIVARA Associates, LLC (

Please contact us for specific information about our seminars for Kenpo or LE. Use the subject heading “Seminar Kenpo or Seminar LE”

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